40 Charming Cat Tattoos Ideas For Cat Lovers To Try

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Cat tattoos generally represents domestic care. The pet cats are very playful, independent and cuddly. Sometimes, they maintain distance and are unapproachable. Many of the cat owners; get their cat tattooed on them. The cat tattoo, symbolizes the place you live and the species of the cat. In Egypt, cats are worshiped as gods and are said to be; very sacred and divine creatures. Whereas in Japan, it is the other way round, meaning; the cat brings bad luck. Supernatural powers and mystery are some of the characteristics that the cats are supposed to have. It is believed that; cats can have nine lives and hence they are always related to spirituality and rebirth. Cats are a symbol of sensuality, independence and curiosity.

Cats are represented as a black cartoon image. However, the popular design is; drawing the outline of the cat and filling it with exaggerated features. The body is usually depicted as having; long sleek legs, a tail and a curved torso. The other cat tattoos, display a bow around the neck that is in bright red in color with a studded collar. Cats are fascinating creatures, whether you love or hate them, you cannot hide their mysterious and distinctive qualities. Tattoos of tigers; that belong to the cat family also look good on women.

Cat tattoos also comes along, with the Norse Goddess Freya; who was pulled by a chariot that was driven, by cats; which were large and grey in color. Cat designs; look very sexy on women; who wears it. Cats have a lot of positive traits like intelligence, shrewdness, sensual, perceptive, athletic and agile. Cats are very alert and also have sharp senses. All of these characteristic of the cat, can be expressed or conveyed through a proper cat art; that suits you the best. So, I request you to spend sometime searching on the web and decide the best; that will suit your character.

All cat lovers, who wish to get a tattoo done. Get a realistic picture of your pet on your body; so that, the picture reminds you of your pet; whenever you see it.


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