48 Fancy Boho Jewelry Ideas For Pretty Women

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The bohemian style has a wide range of styles in which anyone is allowed the freedom to express themselves. It starts with the hair all the way down from jewelry to the feet. There is a style for glam lovers called bohemian luxe, edgy, punk-rock called bohemian rock, laid back individuals called bohemian casual, for refined and simple individuals called bohemian classy and much, much more. Bohemian luxe features glam jewelry pieces in gold, diamonds, silver, cubic zirconia, and designer bags. The rock style involves working with pieces such as leather, studded accessories, chains, and skulls. Casual bohemian individuals can work with sneakers, hats, and beaded necklaces. Lastly, the classy style consists of tailored blazers, and pearl and chain accessories blended together. One might ask themself, how do I achieve the bohemian look with no outside knowledge? Well, you have come to the right article.

Focusing on your personality will help bring out your style. For beginners, the basics elements to keep in mind are color scheme, layering, and details. Earth tones such as browns, creams, and greens classify the basic bohemian style for beginners. When it comes to layering, the main goal is to layer with a cardigan, jewelry, and accessories. Details include accessories such as scarfs, shoes, and jewelry.

With romantic bohemian being my style, I decided to share my idea of what romantic bohemian is. I started my own jewelry line which can be accessed online on the biggest handmade jewelry online store. So what does romantic bohemian consist of? For me, it consists of pastel shades still focusing on the earthy tones, flowers, prints, lace, and nature. When it comes to clothing, I like to wear lots of prints in maxi dresses, floral lace tops, loose-fitting jeans, shorts, and skirts. I stick to french braids, and side braids with my hair. As far as hair accessories go, I wear headbands, decorative bobby pins, and floral lace bows.

Now for my favorite, jewelry. To express my jewelry style, as stated above, I created my own jewelry line with details focusing on nature, flowers, pastel colors, and long brass chains. My line showcases necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings, and hair accessories. All my pieces are made with brass elements only which sticks to the theme of earthy tones. The romantic part of my jewelry line comes in the added colors expressed with the charms, the length of the necklaces, and the aspects of nature expressed in all pieces.

Thank you for taking time to read my article.

Some of my favorite necklaces on my site are Fly Away Birdie, Flower Garden, Blue Daisies in Rose, Pink Rose, and High in the Sky. My favorite bracelet is Spring Flowers. My favorite earrings are Spring Daisy, Silver porcelian anchor, Caged Gold Chain, Gold Pearl Chain Drop, and Tree of Life


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