46 Awesome Dog Tattoos Ideas For Dog Lovers

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One of the worst feelings a dog owner can have is discovering that their dog got let out by accident or heaven forbid was dog napped. There are a few options dog owners have to help ensure that they will be reunited with their lost dog. However, some options are better than others. It is common sense to make sure that your dog has a collar on and that they have an identification tag on it with your name and phone number. Unfortunately, dog collars can fall off or be taken off. Another option dog owners have is to have a microchip installed in there pet. Once again there are problems with this method as well. If the vet or whatever facility the dog is taken to does not have the machine to scan the dog then the chip is useless.

A very unconventional method that can be used to help reunite dogs and owners is tattooing. Yes, this procedure may sound a little cruel but it is a great way to mark your dog in the event you should get separated from them. In case you are wondering, tattooing a dog is done just like it is done for a human. The tattooing itself doesn’t really hurt the dog as much as it does a human because they have more layers of skin, but it is still uncomfortable to them. The dog is more likely to be more afraid of the sound of the tattoo gun rather than the actually tattooing.

The best place to get your dog tattooed is on the inside of their leg or on their stomach. A lot of dog owner’ do get their dogs ears and lips tattooed. But sadly, these can be removed if the dog’s ears are clipped and their lips are clipped. It is also a good idea to keep this area shaved so that if the dog gets separated from you, whomever finds it will be able to see the tattoo clearly. It is a common practice for owners to have their social security number tattooed on the dog but if you are uncomfortable with that you can pick out a series of numbers. Also if you get your dog tattooed you need to be sure to register your pet with The National Dog Registry or Tatoo-A-Pet at 800-TATTOOS.


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