34 Catchy Bags Ideas To Carry This Summer

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Today’s world is beautiful in its diversity of styles and tendencies, and every little thing we do or face every day bears a great touch of personal attitudes, no matter what we speak about, either about your outfit and your footwear, or accessories you choose to make your image complete. The only thing we feel the need for while combining and mixing the trendy styles is the perfect balance and harmonious looks. And here the accessories really matter.

The spring-summer 2011 collections of ladies handbags suggest excellent solutions as for the forms and colors for the ladies handbags to match perfectly to the trendy outfit and help every woman create a perfect image, expressing her individuality. Three key words to give you the general idea of new tendencies as for the ladies bags are: challenging, womanish, catchy. It’s easy to explain: today there is a great demand in casual style clothes and accessories, as the three fourth of their time most part of women spends being out – either at work or going somewhere on business. In this way being able to carry their personal belongings everywhere they go is a must, as well as the trendy and modern looks. So they need a handbag which offers a great amount of space and at the same time looks stylish. So as for the forms you won’t be surprised here – hobos and tote bags are still on the front burner. Clutches remain popular also, but this season they are going to be a little larger and framed, and have a vintage looks. As for the material, you won’t be amazed anyway – all the most designers tend towards the high quality soft leather or suede. If you are not keen on that sort of fabric, trendy print cloth bag would also be a good choice.

As for the prints – python (and any other snake) skin is really on the top. In some collections the certain bohemian influence is felt, as well as the slant to the simple and colorful geometric prints. As for the colors, then white, creamy caramel, creamy white and pearly gray still dominate in the spring-summer 2011 collections. The matter is one of the tendencies of this year is to accessorize your outfit with a matching vintage bag, so it’s not a surprise designers highly recommend these colors and shades to be number one for your handbag. If you prefer more colorful accessories, then red, dark blue, dark turquoise, olive green, different shades of brown, light terra-cotta and yellow bags of simple forms or handbags with geometric prints of these colors (immaculate tailoring is a must) will perfectly suit you in case you want to make your image stand out and step out of the ordinary one, to make it special. If you prefer stylish handbags that really make you look hot, then the simplistic shape handbags featuring different metallic ornaments are worth paying attention to, as well as the handbags with the crystal applications inserted into the metallic ornaments. So keep to a magic formula: simplistic shape+ high quality fabric + immaculate tailoring + trendy color and you will never be mistaken as for the choice of your favorite handbag. At least in this season


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