48 Stunning Sunglasses for This Summer

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The heat of the African summer climaxes each year with the release of the hottest trends inspired by both local and international fashion gurus.

This year the ‘dark’ and mystical continent of Africa has leant her considerable appeal to the current fashion fads with tribal patterns, earth tones and colours that embrace the naked truth as headliners for this summer.

Although the bulk of the sizzling summer styles embrace the chic, emphasis has been put on the importance of conserving the planet with eco-friendly clothing getting the nod.

Nude colours – gone are the days of black or white with even the shades of grey relegated to the trash. This summer’s trend is all about subtlety with the mono tone beiges coming out trumps. Fashion aficionados claim these refined shades add lustre to your skin and fragility to your frame.

Transparent sunglass frames – the classic look remains but the frames with a clear transparent tone are the latest in trendy eye protection. With the unrelenting African sun being a certainty this summer, invest in only the best with transparent aplomb.

Sandals – in a tribute to the Romans, sandals in all various forms and fashions are back at the top of the fashion list. So whether they’re peep-toes or on staggeringly high platforms, sandals are here to stay. If the almost bare feel is not for you, check out the stunningly designed Ballerina shoes finished in both leopard and zebra print originals.

Tribal colours and textures – fashion accessories should reflect not only your personality but your tribal affiliations too. As devoted and dedicated Africans, tribal colours are really everywhere, with the knobbled ostrich leather competing with starkly contrasting zebra stripes. Sublimely crafted crocodile skin wallets or handbags hewn from the pelt of a ‘pronking’ impala will immediately define you as a proud member of the African tribe.

Earth Tones – in a tribute to our earth mother, make-up is warm and understated this summer with earth tones like terra-cotta, amber, khaki, bronze and copper the tints of choice. The make-up will blend effectively with the option of either nude or tribal colours and will enhance the overall ‘earth child’ look, tipped to take the fashion world by storm.

Belts – although belts have found favour the entire season, they are again getting an unequivocal ‘yes’ from the vogue vamps. Whether they are thin leather belts created from authentic crocodile or ostrich skin or bold outsized belts to reflect the Amazon in you, belts can do wonders for the delicately waisted


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