45 Chic Smokey Eye Makeup Ideas That Looks Great

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When I do a smokey eye the number of layers depends on the occasion. You can do just the essential steps, or for a more intense eye makeup look add a few more extras. My essential steps? Well, I start with foundation. Then I line with a soft pencil. This is just the first layer and it will all get smudged so it doesn’t have to look great.

Personally, I never go inside the water line, I don’t want make up in my eye. If you want to, that’s up to you. I go all around, corner to corner, top and bottom, making sure to get between the lashes. Then I use a small eye brush, to blend it all out. An eye bush is one that is rounded and has stiffer bristles, but not pokey bristles.

Once it is all blended I start with the darkest shade of shadow in my smoky look. Usually it’s black, or dark grey. You can also do a colored smokey eye, but you’ll still start with a dark grey or black shadow to help blend out the liner. Keep the dark shadow close to the liner to seal it in and blend it out using an angled brush.

I don’t put any on the bottom unless it’s an evening look. Next comes your color, if you’re keeping it gray it’s nice to use something with a little shimmer. Use the angled brush to brush it into the crease and out to the corner. Blend, blend! Don’t forget to blend, blending is the secret. Put this layer on the bottom and blend it out to corner also.

For the icing on the cake I add a little bit of my regular eye shadow, a tawny brown, over the whole thing to make it bend naturally into my brow bone. You can stop there and add mascara, and concealer, or you can kick it up a notch. Add a little highlighter to your brow bone and then use a bit of white shadow in the inner corner of your eyes to add a pop.

Sometimes I line again with liquid liner for extra definition, but to be honest I usually am running late by then. When you are wearing intense eye makeup it is best to keep the rest of your makeup simple, a nude or pale pink lip, and hardly any color on the cheeks. Remember your eyes are the focal point with a smokey eye


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