48 Stunning Summer Fashion Ideas For Men Over S

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Italy is famous for housing the world’s top fashion designers. The cool climate allows its people to dress up thus, making it the fashion capital not only for women’s fashion but for men as well. The United States, on the other hand, has a different climate. During summer, the heat turns up that it makes you want to go out of the house and get naked for the rest of the season. Then again, the heat is not an excuse to look drab. There are a lot of things that you can do to beat the summer heat in your own cool and fashionable respect.

There are now sweat-friendly suits available in different shops all over America. One of the biggest contributing factors to sweat stains is the weight of the fabric that you wear. For instance, flannel and tweed are the worst choices that you can make for suits that you want to wear during summer. Both fabrics are really heavy and can literally make you sweat.

The best summer suit for summer is one that is produced using lighter wools. Flannel and tweed both come from the heavier side of the wool family. Tropical wool and light weave worsted wools are typically great ideas for suits that you can wear during the warm months. If you’re not sure about these fabrics, you can always ask your tailor about them. They are popularly known as Super 100’s in the fashion manufacturing industry, so just mention that and your tailor will definitely know what you want.

For non-wool options, you can always go for linen. Some style aficionados will definitely go for this fabric and tell you that it’s way better than any old wool. Linen has a natural wrinkle to it which implies that you can wear this suit without it lying too flat on your skin. The wrinkle in itself also gives a laid-back yet very gentlemanly. Linen suits are just perfect for summer pundits.

Note though that the standard rules for wearing suits still apply. And I mean everything from matching ties, shirts and little touches like pocket square should still be given keen attention. You just have to switch to lighter shades like pastels or pale shades of your usual color preferences. These colors absorb less sunlight which means that less heat is also absorbed by your clothe. White and beige are really very summery. Wear them instead of your usual black and gray.

Men’s fashion is commonly characterized by warm, casual style cotton. If you really dress up for summer, you definitely know why. Cotton allows your skin to breathe. More than that, it moves perfectly well with your body and any stain can be easily cleaned. If you have enough cotton in your closet, you can be sure that you’re up with fashion until the leaves turn brown.

Style staples for men include khakis and chinos. They are appropriate replacements for the infamous denim as they are softer and less coarse. Obviously, they will feel better and lighter on the skin even when you’re under the noonday sun. They are also more lightweight and their colors are perfect for summer


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