47 Charming Diy Wedding Decorations Ideas

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If you are a bride who is finding a great way to trim down your wedding expenses, DIY ideas are a practical suggestion to go about. There is a lot of things you can actually do using your creativity and skills, like making your own wedding favors. DIY wedding favors have become very popular these days, that if made with creativity and feelings, can definitely look like they were made by a professional. DIY wedding favors are usually made of items which you can purchase at discount stores in bulk. With various accessories you can buy and use, it is not impossible to distribute impressive wedding favors without breaking your bank.


Making your own soap wedding favors is not that difficult. Basically, you will need soap chips or soap base, essential oils or fragrance, colorants and a molder. To make your own soap wedding favors, it will be more easy to take a ready-made bar of soap and just melt it down. Since the bar has already have all ingredients you need in it, all you have to do is to wait until it melts and then pour the liquefied soap into the molder of your choice. You can also use a cookie cutter if you want to shape your homemade soap while it is still warm. The finishing touch is of course packaging them using cellophane bags, organza bags, or small gift boxes. You may consider a few add-ons such as favor charms or personalized tags.


Alternatively, you can make your own candle wedding favors at home. The process of making soaps and candles is a bit the same. You can purchase assorted candles in bulk, at pretty inexpensive price. They are also available in different colors, sizes and scents. You can give candles a glamorous effect by purchasing tag sheets, that are available in various choices. For a final touch, you can tie a personalized ribbon on each candle, or on the top of the cellophane or organza where the candles were wrapped in.

Favor Boxes

Favor boxes are one of the cheapest favor ideas you may consider giving out. The best thing about these boxes is you can take them a step further by filling anything you desire, from button candies, soaps to confetti. Or, you may leave them empty for your guests to fill themselves. Favor boxes are also very easy to decorate using personalized tag sheets and color-coordinated ribbons.

Do-it-yourself favors will basically help you save money on your wedding. You can easily find and purchase bulk items on many wholesale stores online. You can get as creative as you want when making them yourself. Other cheap favors to choose from include personalized stickers, key rings, mouse pads, magnets, cookie cutters and so on. DIY favors and other inexpensive wedding supplies are widely available online. Visit your favorite online store and start placing your orders as early as possible, and do not forget to compare prices.


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