42 Lovely Ombre Haircolour Ideas

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Ever Ask Yourself What hair color would look best on me? Want To Know What color goes best with what skin tones? These are the questions you’ll need to ask yourself and a hair care specialist before changing your hair color. As a professional stylist, trained by one of the top colorist in Los Angeles, let me give you a general guide. Individuals vary, so always consult your stylist before changing your hair color. I always suggest a personal consultation with a trained colorist to get the best result.

Let’s start with the FAIR SKINNED girls (and guys too…)

If your skin makes you look like you’re allergic to the sun, it’s best to stick with light colors: blondes, warm blondes, gold, coppers, natural to strawberry.

For the fair girls with a healthy glow (warm undertones):

You’ve got more colors to play with. Try anything that makes you happy: from a Marilyn platinum blonde to the light browns.

For our MEDIUM TO DARK SKINNED ladies (or gents):

Your look is the exotic type, maybe you’re the island girl with the tan all the other gals envy. You’ll want to run with that as far as you can, so pick from a medium blonde to a dark brown. That is an extremely wide range of colors and tones you can play with, try out a few before you make a permanent decision!

And finally, our CHOCOLATE SKINNED folks:

Your look is smooth, well polished, and you need to work with your dark tones if you’re going to keep looking pulled together. For the most flattering look, stay between a medium brown and dark brown base color.

Add highlights in the mid-light ranges of brown and lows in the darker more chocolaty browns. Keep the base natural or reddish. Golds don’t show up in hair colors this dark. Red is your only warm option, unless you are pre lightening sections to achieve brighter colors.

Living in the 21st century means we get to improve on mother nature sometimes! Picking the perfect color for your hair will highlight the best features of your complexion, letting your inner beauty shine more brightly. Use some rinse in colors to test and when you find the one you love, make it permanent!

Monica gives professional hair and beauty advice in person at her San Diego salon: When you’re in the San Diego area, call 800-789-8359 for an appointment


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