44 Stunning Winter Pullover Ideas

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Winter brings several exciting things-snow, Christmas, holidays and most importantly new styles in woollen wear. What could make a better style statement this winter than the elegant sweater coat? While sweater coats have been in vogue for several fall-winter seasons, this time the classic long sweater coats are back in fashion again.

There are a variety of styles, fabrics, fits, weaves and colours available to customers looking for a sweater coat. Style gurus tell us that fit, weave and colour are amongst the most important aspects to consider before you select a coat for yourself. As is the case with any garment, a good idea of your own physique, complexion and need will help to ensure that your selection is satisfying.

There are a number of styles available even in long sweater coats. On offer are not just the classic mid-thigh and knee length coats but also new designs like the ankle length coat. Fabrics like cotton and acrylic, which keep you warm while giving a more defined shape to your body, are very popular. The heavier woollen coats help give a snug look and of course feel very cosy. Some designs also offer protection against wind and snow with high collars and wind resistant materials. Often, if your coat has pockets and collars, there is no need for gloves and scarves.

While these lies between a formal coat and a casual pullover, it can be paired with both casual and formal wear. The more fitted styles and tight weaves team up well with formal trousers and even skirts and dresses. If you add fur collars, buttons and other embellishments, perhaps even an Empire waist, your coat could turn into a stunning style statement. While darker colours like Grays, Blacks and Blues are more suited for formal occasions, if your complexion enables it, even the right shade of red or blue could complement many outfits.

The sweater coat could be an equally useful thing for everyday wear: while at office or around the house, depending on the fabrics you choose from. For those who travel frequently, cotton blends offer lightweight coats and pockets and hoods could give adequate protection against the chill and snow. If you are selecting a sweater coat for regular wear, it would be a good idea to choose machine-wash or hand-wash fabrics which do away with the hassle of dry-cleaning. These are also more affordable and you could buy one for less than $100. The more expensive ones may require extra care but the elegance they provide makes it totally worth the effort


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