42 Adorable Women Winter Coat Ideas

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Warm scarves are very useful and comfortable when fall ends and winter begins. You can wear the same fashion piece that celebrities love and enjoy staying warm on frigid days. Female celebrities are real style icons for ladies who adore being fashionable. Scarf as a basic accessory of all seasons has been upgraded into a meaningful fashion accessory, a fashion weapon essential of keeping warm. If you are curious about how to be fashionable enough with scarves and how to wear them, you will have a clear idea after you take a look at the celebrities. Scarves let you stay cozy as well as stylish at the same time.

You may have noticed that celebrities like Hilary Duff are skilled at using scarves to slim their figures and cover flaws. A large scarf can be used to draw attention away from your body shape. When the clothes and scarf match, the scarf can add to the layered look.

Scarves are multipurpose fashion items – they can emphasize an apparel match and serve as a wonderful supporting role for the entire ensemble. Christina Aguilera sports a dark colored outfit, and uses a handbag to break the dullness. A scarf is tied around the neck to enhance the warm feel while it makes the upper body not monotonous any more.

Nicole Richie is a master of color match and a pure white scarf really refreshes her from the dark outfit. If you like the large scarves, you can learn from Reese Witherspoon on how to wear them. A simple wrap around is the epitome of casual while also being easy and practical. The naturally formed wrinkles easily achieve the sophisticated detail effect. Rihanna is always a leader of fashion elements so leopard prints are on the body before any one else. Even at a glance, you will know she would like highlighting her match with the leopard scarf. The only thing you should take care is to spend some time on the ways of tying.

Learning how to crochet will yield many creative projects such as winter scarves. When she go for shopping she used to wear outfit for her stable feel. A scarf in a thick texture is definitely a good choice. Jessica Alba is also a fashion icon so that the knitted scarf is highly recommended including both style and tying method. She chooses the scarf which is similar color to the clothing because Heidi Klum is not characteristic of showing off. The overall match is well coordinated each other. Fashion women such as Sarah Jessica Parker never allow age to be an issue. With a pink scarf she knows how to make herself outstanding.

Kim Kardashian has an easy way of tying a scarf which looks great when done with a scarf that has a good hanging feel in the texture. Keira Knightley shows you the magic power how to replace the necklace with a scarf. The scarf must be tied inside the coat so that you can avoid cumbersome. Ashley Tisdale plays safe in her choice to match the scarf and her leather jacket colors. Learn from Elisabetta Canalis by wearing a long scarf or make like Ellen Pompeo with a striped scarf in two colors


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