40 Amazing Back To School Outfit Ideas To Look Stylish

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A bachelor party, hen party, or hen night is a party staged for a lady who is about to get married. Hen party is very common in some states of Europe and Australia, while the term bachelor party is more common in the United States. In Canada, the term stagette is used. However, they all mean the same and usually referred to as a girls’ night.

The bachelor party celebrations usually consist of activities like having a fun night at a bar followed by a dinner by the groom to his friends. It is celebrated as the last night of bachelorhood or a farewell to bachelor days.

The hen nights is celebrated under some characteristic themes. People do wear costumes of different characters according to a specific theme in order to make it memorable. The pictures taken at this event has a long lasting amusing impact and is treasured a lot. Following are some top suggestions for Hen Night themes.

1. Sex and the City: This theme certainly relates to the event and has ample opportunity for funny hen night. Bring out your most cherished frocks; order some wonderful cocktails, some fluffy cupcakes with loads of icing. To make it memorable for bride, she should be wearing most exquisite dress relating to the theme along with gorgeous shoes. The groom or friends can offer such dress to the bride as a hen night gift.

2. Traditions and customs: This is truly fun and does puts in a lot of enthusiasm if you try the traditional dresses of your area. This is workable if you relate to an area which had strong traditional and cultural background. However, regenerating the atmosphere with the traditional theme by living in a place where such traditions are not implicated is actually a very good idea and it brings a lot of passion into it as well. You can also order some drinks relating to the traditions and theme.

3. High School Theme: This is an everlasting theme. You always love to go back to high school. Immense fun and pleasure is associated with the high school days, therefore, everyone would love to participate in this theme. The dresses required are even sexier, such as the long striped stockings and miniskirts. Have fun with the similar food stuff you used to have in school days, like lollypops, bubble gums, doughnuts, jam rings and hula hoops, and you can gift everyone a goodie party bag.

4. Heroes and Heroines: A great theme to make every participant work harder to look alike some Hero or Heroine. The theme itself envisages the atmosphere with so many handsome looking guys and gorgeous girls wearing equally stunning dresses gathered up to have fun. The feeling itself is amazing.

You can further enhance this theme by adding a word “Super”. Super Hero or Super Heroine theme will bring in a lot of fun to the party, and you can nominate the next possible bride as the descendant of your powers etc. Any kind of food and drink will go with this theme


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