48 Cute Bohemian Style Wedding Dress Ideas For Outdoor Wedding

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Whatever the occasion might be, the right hairstyle can finish off the look and make you look the very best. This is especially true when it comes to your wedding. Matching your hairstyle with your bridal gown is crucial; the wrong hairstyle can make your entire ensemble look less elegant or take away the focus from your dress. The truth is there is a certain art to picking the appropriate bridal “do”, however. For some great ideas, consider the following hairstyles to match even the most unique bespoke wedding gowns.

Elegant Side Bun

Most brides choose to commission bespoke wedding gowns if they want to achieve a specific look. For example, if you choose a strapless gown, it probably means you want to show off your sexy shoulders. For this style, an elegant side bun would perfectly complement your look. The side bun is both neat and playful. It’s simple enough not to take away focus from your face and your gown, but still playful because it’s lower and on the side instead of the traditional high bun. Apart from allowing you to show off your toned shoulders, it will also accentuate your facial features. Another plus for the simple side bun is that it is low maintenance. You can basically forget about it for the rest of the night and enjoy the reception without fear of having to redo it every few minutes!

Sophisticated French Pleat

A French Pleat is another classic look that always serves to make a bride look more sophisticated. The hairstyle first became popular back in the 1940s and has remained one of the go-to styles for women who want to pull off a classic, stylish look. For modern themes, the French Pleat works well with bespoke wedding gowns with a halter neck, off the shoulders, asymmetrical neckline, or a high neckline. One way to personalise the French Pleat is to incorporate curls, a braid, or cute flowers in the up do. It’s also perfect for vintage style bridal gowns, if you want to continue its classic styling. Either way, with your hair in this style you will look classy and timeless.

Hair Gloriously Down

If you’re the kind of bride who feels more comfortable in a laid back look, you could opt to just let your hair down. Nothing says relaxed and bohemian better than a perfectly blow-dried hair with a flower crown or flower ornaments to complete the look. This hairstyle goes well with bohemian or Grecian style bespoke wedding gowns. Letting your hair down, either in its natural state or incorporated with curls, allows for more flexibility especially during pictorials. Not only is it low maintenance, you could also easily create different looks instantly by sweep your hair over one side, or have it fall freely down your back. It also looks modern and will go perfectly a garden wedding or a whimsical-themed one


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