46 Attractive Ponytail Ideas For Women Short Hairstyle

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Even the most beautiful hair can’t attract attention these days. There are so many things that visually compete with it. During your mother’s time a good head of hair and a good haircut would be all that it took. In order to attract attention, it’s a good idea to accessorize your hair. It doesn’t matter whether or not your hair alone is pretty. Pretty hair needs more to be attractive. Unattractive hair needs the help that accessories can bring. And hair accessories aren’t just for you. They make excellent gifts for your friends too. Here are some accessories that everybody would love!

Hair Clips. The best accessories are the ones that look good while being practical. The hair clip can be both. Some sport a big flower, which calls attention in a positive way. Name an event and hair clips can accessorize it really well. Are you on your way to special social event, like the prom or a debut? Then this one’s for you. It can also be worn on everyday occasions. No worries, it won’t look out of place. It’s also very practical. You can make an updo or just use it to add a little spring in a short hairstyle.

Headband. Unless you have a buzz cut, a good headband can easily accessorize your hair without fuss. Everyone should have one to make your hair stand out. A good headband can be paired with any style. Do you have an updo or a sleek bob? Turn to your headband to give it that extra something plus a dash of irresistible femininity.

Jeweled Hair Pins. Normal hair pins are functional. Jeweled hair pins are functional and have style. Not all that glitters is gold; some are made from pretty stones. Use the hair pins to raise an updo. Let your hair shine together with the jewels in the hair pins. With this you will compete with the stars!

Beret. Many believe that a hat protects the hair. That is true. But the hat can do so much more. It is not just a shield against the ravages of weather, it is an accessory that can be used to attract. But not all hats are created equal. The best hat out there is undoubtedly the beret. Everyone can wear it because it is appropriate everywhere and it can be worn for the entire year. T-shirt and jeans are everyday wear. Add a beret and you’ll transform into a trendsetter. When you wake up with bad hair, the beret can easily save you from the fashion police. Cover your hair and pass it off as the height of style.

Hair Tie. Do you have a plain ponytail? Not anymore when combined with this wonderful accessory. Not only does it make a creating a pony easy, it can also give it style and flair. Use the different styles of hair tie to your advantage.

Hair Braid. Do you love braids? Do you have the time to make one? If you’re one of the many who have troubles with an actual hair braid then this band is for you. It can be worn like a headband. It can be wrapped on the base of a ponytail. Add it to an updo. Are you afraid the color won’t match? Don’t be. Hair braids come in every color imaginable


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