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45 Gorgeous Natural Summer Nail Color Designs Ideas

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Few chairs are actually displayed at a museum, but Adirondack chairs are. If you travel to Blue Mountain Lake, New York, you’ll discover the history of these chairs, which were originally known as a Westport chair.

Designed by Thomas Lee in the 1900s, it was his goal to craft a chair that was extremely comfortable, could be used indoors and out and which used standard boards and nails. The result is an American classic-Adirondack chairs-named after the mountains that surround the small town.

More than a century later, Adirondack chairs are still the number one choice for outdoor chairs, whether you need seating around a pool, in the yard or on your deck. They have transcended time because they are extremely comfortable, built to last and simple, yet elegant in form.

Adirondack chairs are easy to pick out from the crowd. With their sloping slatted boards and extra wide armrests, they scream summer yet are useful year round in warmer climes.

Initially, Adirondack chairs were patented by Lee who then turned them out for several decades, making few variations. The originals were made from local woods and painted white.

Today, these chairs have changed right along with the times. And while you can still find traditional white Adirondack chairs, you’ll also find them in an array of colors and styles. For example, you can find models with rockers or ones with legs that are longer or shorter than the originals, which had short back legs so they worked well on the mountain slopes of the Adirondacks. That way you could sit fairly level, even on a hill.

You can also choose chairs that are made for more than one person, which have reclining backs or come with matching ottomans or a built-in chaise, so your legs can enjoy the comfort of these chairs right along with the rest of your body.

Adirondack chairs can even be found around the outdoor dining table, albeit in a slightly modernized form. The deep slope of the back and been turned upright to make dining more comfortable, but the characteristic slatted fan back and wide arms remain, the signature look of these chairs.

Adirondack chairs can be found in lots of colors, too. While the classic wood model still comes in white, you can get these chairs in any color imaginable, including custom painted motifs ranging from nautical and tropical to country. PVC chairs come in a rainbow of colors. You can also choose ones in natural woods, especially the ever-popular teak, cedar or recycled polywood-perfect for an eco-friendly family.

If you don’t see a color you like, feel free to order Adirondack chairs unpainted and create your own color scheme, selecting matching or contrasting colors that accent your home d├ęcor.

While you’re at it, consider adding in some Adirondack-inspired accessories, too. Manufacturers make matching accent tables, benches, dining tables, swings and chaises that will turn your backyard, porch or patio into a gorgeous escape from the workaday world.

Because the selection is so vast, it’s a good idea to begin your search online. Online retailers often have the best selection to choose from. Because these chairs are large in scale, few brick and mortar stores have more than a few models on display. In contrast, online retailers can have hundreds displayed, all ready for immediate shipping if you find yourself falling in love with a particular model.

Within moments of returning home from your long commute, you can be sitting in your backyard, drink in hand, enjoying good times with friends and family in your very own Adirondack retreat, toasting Thomas Lee for coming up with this brilliant design for us all to enjoy.


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