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48 Creative Embellished Shoes

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A bride dreams of looking like the ultimate princess from head to toe on her wedding day. Nothing is left to chance in preparation. Whether it’s the headpiece, the dress or the jewelry- every detail is a significant one right down to her “Cinderella slippers”. Today’s bride is equally enthralled with her shoe as she prepares to meet her “Prince Charming”. The plain shoe has become a thing of the past as brides are willing to step out in their creativity and embrace their individual style. This is quite often done by painting on shoes.

Consider Custom Painting Your Shoe

Custom painting a bridal shoe is not a new thought but it is certainly a unique means in getting the exact style, color and look to complement the wedding dress. Some brides are so confident in their dressing that they no longer wear the traditional white on white, but opt for the bold embellished shoe painted in the oh, so funky colors. Others simply color and accessorize their shoes to coordinate with their bridal parties colors. Although this can be done professionally, many opt to purchase their art supplies to paint on shoes. This makes for a treasured keepsake for years to come.

Enjoying your Shoe Beyond the Wedding

This concept is also being embraced by brides who would like to wear their shoes beyond the wedding day. In addition to the painting of shoes, these brides have also sought to paint and embellish their purses for their honeymoon travels. Both the ready-to-paint or dye-able shoes and purses are available at most bridal stores.

How Difficult Can this Be?

This is not a difficult task at all even for those who don’t yet know how to paint on shoes. Most bridal shoes come with several test swatches. Practice applying the fabric paint to those fabric swatches before putting the final color on your shoe. If you are using white paint you really can’t go wrong; your effect will be brilliant especially if it is accessorized with flat back gems and pearls. Another absolutely stunning fool-proof look is painting with a variety of gold paints and studs


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