47 Hair Color On Your Wedding Day

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How your going to wear your hair is just one more thing to add to the list of to do’s for your special day. However, do not worry too much on which style you’re going to select because your decision should be based on the type of wedding gown and wedding accessories you will be wearing. The style you select should make you feel like the princess you so it is rather important to pick the one you truly are comfortable with and love!

Start by experimenting with different styles early so you can decide on how you would like to wear it during the wedding. Some hairstyles work better if your hair is washed the day before, while others work best if washed that day. These are some issues you should find out well before your wedding day so there’s one less thing to worry about. The following are some of the most popular wedding hairstyles:

* Loose & Curly Waves:

Many brides of today like wearing a textured look with highlights. If you want something other than having a straight hairstyle and you don’t want to wear it up, this may be the style for you. If you are thinking of getting highlights, ask your hair dresser when would be the best time to get them.

* French Twist:

Depending on your facial structure, this may be the right style for you. A French twist can be worn high or low, and pretty things such as a chain of small flowers or pearl pins can be added to extenuate this hair style.

* Cascading curls:

This is a beautiful hairstyle for many women and you can add a few small flowers through your curls.

* Chignon:

This style is pulled back and formed into a little ball worn at the neck. If you’re wearing a tiara or fancy comb or veil, this may be a great look for you.

Once you make up your mind what kind of hair style you want to wear for your wedding day, you should discuses a timeline on when to do what. Try your new hair style now so you can make sure this is what you want, then mark your calendar for when you need to make touch-ups and trims so you can have the perfect hair on your special day. Here is a timeline to help you along.

* Two months before your wedding get your highlights done.

* One month before have a dress rehearsal with your hairstyle and hairpiece.

* Two weeks to go before have your highlights touched up and your split ends trimmed.

* One week have your roots colored

# The day before wash & condition your hair. Your hair is easier to work with a day after a shampoo


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