49 Stylish Summer Outfits To Inspire You

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Every year, we see more and more trend appearing. For this summer season in 2015, here is a selection of inspirations from Indian designers that have used these different trends throughout their collections.

Clean and Straight

Recently we have seen an influx of oversized clothing, which has been a key focus for some designers. Opt for 90’s styling of XL silhouettes for this summer season and especially humid summers, there is nothing more comfy and stylish. It is always more comfortable to wear oversized clothes than skinny dresses or shorts in the hot summer months. For women, you can wear boxy tunics over pants, culottes or even tank tops. For men, it will be more about wearing oversized shirts and straight-cut pants with a light overcoat.

Also for the Indian textile lovers, this trend is perfect to revive handloom khadi fabrics.

Be Bright

You can play with bright colours without having to do much more. Let your imagination make a pop-art statement when it comes to the cut and silhouette part. Opt for colour blocking such as burnt orange, pale mint, turquoise blue, sunshine yellow, pale lilac, Turkish blue, candy pink, olive green, black and white. Opt for 60’s styling and silhouettes, and don’t be afraid to play with geometric colour blocking. It’s better to use darker colour blocks on the side to look slim and vertical blocks for illusion of height.

The Turban Style

Turbans are on top for a summer accessory this year. The good thing about this accessory is that you can allow yourself to have a few “bad hair days” and also you don’t have to worry too much about how to style you hair. You can opt for some authentic African-style turban draping, teamed with bright prints for a statement look. To complete the outfit, add some earrings and funky brooches, which will highlight the quirky turban style.

Art Prints

A new trend this summer season is purely about artist prints. The rule to follow to not look over the top with these wacky prints is to perfectly balance bold prints with a solid bloc basic element. You can try to opt for painting pints on circular flared skirts or even a pencil skirt teamed with a basic white shirt.

Made in India: Textiles

The summer season is the perfect season to show the world your closet with a dosage of Indian textiles. Opt for traditional textiles in modern shapes, cuts and forms. For example, select traditional Kutchi cross-stitch embroidery in original patterns and textiles from across India, it’s time to utilise crafts in more contemporary and stylish ways. Also a tip not to forget, do not opt for wear bright contrasts and clashing colours, it will be far too much


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