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Do you invest in yourself? What I mean by that is, besides eating healthy and exercising, do you continually educate yourself? Do you take time to read or listen to self-improvement books and audios? Believe it or not, doing so can make a huge difference in your overall attitude. It will also help you in your job, relationships and life in general. As you know, I was in Las Vegas for 2 different conferences. My first live motivational conference ever was Chalene Johnson’s Camp Do More 2013.

I’ve been following Chalene for years. Not just for fitness, but also for her Social Media expertise and her Motivational Series Car Smart. She also has a book out called PUSH, which helps you get your whole life on track. If you think about it, a healthy diet and a steady exercise program alone won’t make your life successful. You need to be the best person physically, mentally and spiritually in order to live your life to the fullest. That is what Chalene teaches. Every year, she has a motivational camp called Camp Do More. I’ve had my eye on it and said one day, I’m going to make it to that camp. Low and behold, it was announced that Chalene was going to do her camp a few days prior to Beachbody’s 2013 Coach Summit (which I already had tickets for) so I said, now’s my opportunity to go.

I purchased two tickets, one for my husband and one for me. I know it was my first Coach Summit, but I have to be honest, I’ve idolized Chalene for years and I was much more excited about Camp than I was Summit. One day I got an email about having the opportunity to purchase Red Carpet tickets. This would allow us to be VIP with reserved seating, reserved exercise area, one on one time and photos with Chalene and a cocktail reception with her and her husband, Bret. I know it seems lavish, and it was, but after talking to Spiro, we decided to get the Red Carpet tickets. I have to tell you, I’m so glad I did otherwise I would have had regrets, and I don’t like living my life with regrets. We were surprised when we registered because Red Carpet folks got a special gift pack. So, Spiro and I each got a leather duffle bag that has #domore on the side. We got an autographed copy of Chalene’s book Push. We got one of the new Shakeology shaker cups, a Turbo Fire water bottle, a coupon for a $20 spray tan, a Camp Do More nylon duffle bag and 2 free drink tickets for our cocktail hour. That in itself pretty much paid for the price of the Red Carpet tickets.

Some of you are in MLM’s and you know we hear it over and over again, make it to the main event because it’ll change your life. I have been to a couple events when I have the chance, but I’ve never made it to a main event, so I was pretty excited. I must say, anything I’ve ever heard is true. I met so many people and made some great connections. I learned how to improve my life, my business, and my relationships. I also connected with people who are going to help me grow my business in ways that I could only have previously imagined. Whether you are in business or not, make it a point to make it to either your business main event or a motivational seminar like Tony Robbins, Dr Wayne Dyer, etc. If you’ve never been, it truly is all and more that you’ve ever heard. Make it one of your top priorities.

I’m going to do the best I can in describing what camp was like, but I have to admit, it won’t do it justice. You have to experience this one in real life to get the true benefits. First off, Chalene hired a professional photographer who took thousands of pictures and posted them online for us to keep – for free. Chalene wanted us to experience camp and not have to worry about grabbing our cameras all the time. Chalene, her husband Bret and Beachbody totally went above and beyond and Camp Do More was off the charts! It was so cool. Kind of like I’ve seen in the movies – cheer camp lol. Everyone was split up into teams and each team had team captains assigned to them. The team names were all football teams. (Bret is a football coach). About 10 days prior to camp, we were contacted with our team names and colors so we knew which colors we needed to bring. The Red Carpet team was the Cardinals, so we had to wear red. Well, I didn’t realize how much folks got into it. People didn’t just wear their team colors, some people went all out and got jerseys, hats, all logo wear for their teams. Oh my gosh, it was one giant party with hundreds of happy, motivated, positive people. It all started on Monday at 4:00 PM. We had registration, then access to Chalene’s new Turbo boutique where we were able to purchase logo wear. From 5:30 – 6:30 we met with our teams, introduced ourselves and talked about what we were going to be doing for the next 2 ½ days. 6:30 – 7:00 was the Grand Opening. HOLY COW! Chalene and her team came out and did an absolutely amazing dance performance. It was incredible and being Red Carpet, we were right in front. Things kept hopping along and we went right into a Turbo workout until 8:00.

We had an hour break then we met for a one-hour team competition rehearsal. What’s that you ask? I asked the same thing. Each team practices a dance routine, choreographed by their team captain and performs it on stage the last day of camp. You don’t have to participate if you chose not to. But, Spiro and I both did (he’s such a great sport). I’ll tell you, it was a blast. It was awesome to see how unique and fun the performances were. The team captains did an awesome job creating the choreography, choosing the music and coming up with props and costumes. I hadn’t ever expected that and it was a real nice surprise. After competition practice, we went right into a 10:00 PiYo workout in our PJ’s. LOL It was so much fun. PiYo is Chalene’s workout that she created because she can’t sit still for yoga. So, it’s yoga moves combined with strength and balance moves and it’s at a quicker pace. You definitely get a sweat on during a PiYo workout. Once again, Chalene and her staff did a choreographed performance; the stage was set up with a giant bed and pillows. There was nothing left out, it was amazing. This camp isn’t for anyone who wants to just chill out. This camp will keep you mentally and physically fit. Tuesday started off with a 7:00 – 8:00 AM Turbo workout. From 9:00 – 9:45 was our first workshop on Fitness as a Full Time Career. 10:00 – 12: 00 was a Hustle workout. OK, I’ve never done a hustle workout. If you like to dance, this one is for you, it was an absolute BLAST. The coolest thing is that the team leads taught us choreography during the class and we had a dance battle against each other. The room split in half and we had to “battle it out”. It reminded me of the Step Up movies, which Spiro and I absolutely love. It was awesome! After that, we had a couple hours to shower and try to grab a bite to eat. I have to say, we basically lived on oatmeal, fruit and nuts because we didn’t have enough time to shower and grab a bite in a restaurant.

From 2:00 – 4:00 we had another lecture about finding our purpose. Chalene said we can’t find our purpose until we get over our past. She had us complete this sentence “I really want to do ___________ but I can’t because _________________. Then she had us try to identify what was holding us back. Is it self doubt, fear, lack of patience, unresolved trauma, negative self talk, labels we give ourselves, labels other people give us? She told us to fill in the blanks and take action. She said we all need to be unstoppable and by doing so that means we needed to build our confidence, have a positive attitude, smile, be happy, self assured and be easy to be around. She explained that sometimes we don’t even recognize that something from our past is holding us back from moving forward. That’s when she mentioned EMDR; Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing. It’s purpose is to help you identify disturbing memories that could be causing your current struggles. The process distresses the memories reducing their effects on you so you can develop a more adaptive coping mechanism. She said that she’s taken the test and recommends it to everyone. The lecture was jam packed with info and I took a ton of notes that I will refer back to on a frequent basis. Once the lecture was completed, we had a team competition practice, then off to get ready for our Red Carpet cocktail hour.

Our Red Carpet cocktail reception was from 6:30 – 8:00 and it was held in one of the bars in the MGM that was reserved just for us. Everyone was dressed up so nice, it was hard to recognize some folks. I mean, after all, we’ve really just been seeing each other after sweaty workouts. The hors d’oeuvres were incredible. The food was non-stop and such a variety. There were baked mushroom/risotto balls, flautas and an entire fruit and gourmet cheese platter, just to name a few. One thing we really enjoyed was the mini lobster tacos. Have you ever seen itsy bitsy taco shells, because I haven’t. They were filled with a light, lobster salad that didn’t have dairy (yay!) The coolest part was getting to meet and talk to Chalene. She is the sweetest, most sincere, wonderful people I’ve ever met. Oh, and she is very, very tiny and petite, even with her ginormous heels. It was a wonderful experience. I didn’t get the opportunity to talk to her husband Bret, but her sister Janelle Summers was gracious enough to have her picture taken with me. She too is just a sweet heart. I didn’t want to disturb her but she was so open to having her picture taken with me. She even had us move to get an additional shot with a different background. I think it’s so cool when you meet someone you look up to and realize they are just as sweet in real life as they appear to be through media.

After the Cocktail Reception, we had a 3 hour Rave Dance Party. It was crazy fun. There were 600 people in the Marquis ballroom dancing to the best music ever. Chalene’s team, once again, performed to some great-choreographed numbers. Her BFF, Monica Gray was an awesome MC. And that girl is crazy. Lol She donned a Vegas showgirl outfit. I don’t know how she could wear that feather headset and dance in the wicked high heels without breaking something, but she did it. The whole experience was like nothing that I could’ve imagined. We were meeting amazing people, had just had our picture taken with Chalene and Jenelle and were now at this amazing party. Spiro and I were having such a blast and both agreed it was the best time ever.

Wednesday morning started off with a one hour PiYo workout. I have to admit, after the party the previous night, Spiro and I didn’t make it to this workout. We didn’t want to miss anything, but we were dead, exhausted. We did however make it to the 9:30 lecture. During this lecture, Chalene talked to us about taking Inspired Action. We all know about the law of attraction, well this lecture had the same feel to the theme. She explained that our brains can’t differentiate between right and wrong, it can only process what we tell it. So, It’s important to be specific and focus only on what you want in your life. She also stressed that it’s important to think and speak it like it already happened. I have lost 10 pounds. You’re being specific, you’re speaking in present tense, and so your brain can process that. Here are the steps she taught us. She helped us to remember by telling a story, relating it to a trip.

  1. Address. Know where you’re going. Be specific.
  2. Tell people you’re coming. Tell people what you are going to accomplish. Ask them to help keep you accountable. Give yourself specifics and a timeline.
  3. Know where your detours are. Identify where you procrastinate, what stops you from moving forward. What do you do when you try to avoid doing something? Gardening, clean, eat? Identify those detours.
  4. Remember there’s more than one way to get there. You must have an attitude to adapt to changes. Instead of getting upset about something, accept it, say it’s fine and we’ll deal with it.
  5. Focus on your finish. Don’t focus on what you don’t want, only focus on something you do want. Keep your eyes on the prize and your finish line. Don’t compare yourself against others because it defeats you.
  6. Fill up your tank. What fuels you? Exercise, laughing, dancing? Spend time doing those things to keep you fueled. Schedule them on your calendar.

She also got into goals. She didn’t just talk about making them; she had us list them out while we were there. Out of this whole experience I have to say that I was so happy that Spiro was with me. Not only were we able to enjoy time together, but also he got to have the same experience as me and we grew together even more. He said he wants us to sit together once a week and right down our goals. He also wants to start an exercise program, which I’ve been trying to get him to do. Now that he’s experienced how he felt and the energy of other people, he’s ready. I’m so proud of him

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