Trending High Heel For Office Ideas20
Trending High Heel For Office Ideas20

23 Trending High Heel for Office Ideas

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Let’s face it! High heel shoes for women are hot, sexy and downright glamorous.

Ok, ok. We all know how high heels are bad for the posture, how we can twist our ankles miserably while tottering on them or how badly it can affect our spines; but, when it comes to the crunch, wearing a pair of high heels for a special occasion, do we really care about what the doomsayers keep harping on about the bad effects on our body?!

Most of us don`t, for that occasional foray of madness of teetering on 5-inch heels when it makes us feel oh, so special. Wearing them can make even average people like us feel like a diva! And to the Carping Cassandras, the advice would be to try on high heel shoes just once and experience the transformation!

High heel shoes are mood uplifters. Which women amongst us will not appreciate the way it elongates our body, stretches our legs to infinity and gives us that supremely confident walk (practice, practice, practice!)? Not all of us are blessed with shapely legs and if high heel shoes give us the chance to resort to trickery of creating an illusion of slimmer and shapelier legs, why give it a miss? After all, even supermodels require help!


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