Amazing Summer Wedding Dress Ideas20
Amazing Summer Wedding Dress Ideas20

22 Amazing Summer Wedding Dress Ideas

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There are two types of summer wedding dresses. First, there are the formal gowns done in the traditional style. Second, there are those that are simple and less formal but perfect for the kind of wedding held barefoot on the beach in Bali. Each has a place in the choice of options available for brides this year.

Regardless of which type you may be looking for, the upper half of wedding dresses that work best in the warmer months are almost always very lightweight in structure. Long sleeves are exchanged for halter style tops, narrow straps, or cap sleeves.

For 2011, we’re seeing lots of elegant beading in the dress bodice. Beading catches and refracts light which can cast off a very soft glow in the right setting.

The intricate and detailed bodice work in today’s summer wedding dress collections can make you feel like a princess. The look is very rich and flattering but doesn’t have to cost a fortune, either.

While the top portion of a summer wedding dress may be more lightweight and made of less material, it’s really the fullness and length of the skirt that is chosen to match the formalness of the location.


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