Stylish Summer Hats This Year29
Stylish Summer Hats This Year29

41 Stylish Summer Hats This Year

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It is that time of the year. Summer is fast approaching.

So you want to buy a summer hat? There are many kinds of hats.

I can understand how you feel totally. I used to be confused as to how to choose a high quality hat.

But, I have some secrets to tell you…

The act of comparing and buying summer hats is easy to do!

So how do you start? You shall learn the 3 best kept secrets to selecting great hats. A statistic of 55% people who buy hats ended up regretting their purchases. Do not be one of them.

Commonly, we all go to the supermarket and simply wear them on our heads. We see how we look ourselves in the mirror. Our mistake of judgments is the very part why we buy these hats! Am I correct?

Ok, so what are the 3 great hat tips?

1. Understand what is your face shape

Research and the fashion world have both shown this is important. Some hats do not go well with certain shapes. Use your visual ability or fashion statement to judge.

Look out for hats that make your features stand out.

2. Be congruent with the hat

If you buy something way too flashy for your lifestyle, ditch it. Wear a type of hat that suits your lifestyle. DO NOT overdo it.

3. Understand your body sizing

For example, if you are small sized, you would not suit wearing a very large hat


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