48 Beautiful Summer Wedding Outfits Ideas For Guests

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In most parts of the world, Summer Weddings are highly preferred next to Spring Weddings. Since during this time of the year Mother Nature is in her full bloom, the setting being pretty is taken care of. Usually Summer Weddings are popular for their outdoor ceremonies and that is precisely the reason most couples do not mind waiting for the whole year. The wedding venues are flocked with pretty and vibrant seasonal flowers especially roses, daises, etc. The evening receptions are made charming with strands of tiny twinkling lights. The menu includes salads, fruit salads and recipes that are tangy or fruity in nature.

The bridal outfit, therefore, should blend with the whole ‘nature’ theme or else the entire event could be quite awkward, especially for the bride. Summer Weddings are not the time to go super glam. On the contrary, the look should be charming and graceful. The Bridal Outfit should be selected in accordance with the color theme of the entire wedding decoration. The safest choice of colors to stick to are pale shades of pink, yellow, blue, green, lavender, etc, of course, with pink being the primary choice. To make it attractive, outfits in these pale shades can be highlighted with the darker shade of the same color. Fabrics should be relatively light and comfortable to wear such as georgette, chiffon, net, blended cotton, etc. Silver or very pale golden embellishments blend well with pale shades hence Bridal Outfits featuring such embellishments dazzle with utmost beauty. Alternatively, Bridal Outfits adorned with sparkling crystals, stones or kundans look just absolutely divine. Bridal Jewellery featuring silver finish or pale rose finish would look best rather than rich gold finish jewellery. Preferably, Bridal Jewellery studded with stones would make the entire ensemble look perfect. Going overboard with Jewellery would not help much; rather it might spoil the whole nature inspired look


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