48 Totally Adorable Leather Bags Every Women Will Love

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Luxury diaper bags are baby bags that are created from the softest and most supple leather in elegant designs with sophisticated detailing and total functionality to accommodate even the busiest and most high profile Celebrity mothers, like Angelina Jolie mother of 6, managing a hot career, a gorgeous husband, and a dynamic role model as a UN Goodwill Ambassador. I am sure that if you were on camera every time you stepped out the door and were pursued to the ends of the earth, you would appreciate luxury diaper bags for their fabulous looks and functional fashion.

Angelina Jolie Luxuriates in Storksak

We chose three favorites to talk about; the first is really probably no surprise to the public. Angelina Jolie’s diaper bag of choice, Storksak’s Gigi in Chocolate, are outstanding luxury diaper bags that have accompanied this Hollywood Mom on her global travels ever since they were first launched. Angelina Jolie is simply sophisticated herself so that the sleek lines of this baby bag, the ease and versatility of carrying your own and baby’s things plus a thermal-insulated bottle bag that will keep baby’s bottle hold or cold for 4 hours. With so many important details to attend to, Angelina Jolie needs the ability to walk from the park into the board room exuding calm and confidence carrying both baby and her laptop. This is why she chose Storksak Gigi.

Jennifer Lopez Adores Mia Bossi

When you check out the luxury diaper bags this celebrity favored designer creates, you would expect gorgeous and fashionable Jennifer Lopez to carry the Audrey Sand by Mia Bossi. Audrey comes in 3 styles, all 4 digits and all very worth the investment. No one would ever suspect that these luxury important leather bags carry dirty diapers. The Audrey Sand is made with soft distressed Italian Barolo leather, printed leather snakeskin trim and silver chrome hardware. It is a chic purse, computer case, and baby bag all in one, featuring a super soft faux fur changing pad, zip in and out lining, two exterior and two interior bottle holders, and even easily snaps around the handles of the stroller to convert into a stroller bag.

Timi and Leslie Luxury Diaper Bags

So why do Courtney Cox, Christina Aguilera, and Nicole Kidman carry Timi and Leslie? All you have to do is take one look at the Parisien Tote in Red and any question you may have had will simply vanish to be replaced by your own question of where can you get one. Also available in Chocolate and Black, this patent leather two handled tote features a detachable shoulder strap and the innovative conversion components by Timi and Leslie including a bottle tote, wristlet, waterproof lining, stroller straps, easy access key fob, and elasticized inner pockets. The high quality workmanship, versatility, and high profile looks are all perfectly suited to a celebrity’s incredibly busy life and serious requirement of always being on set, whether the movie or real life. They buy the best because the best always enhances daily performance


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