45 Trends Long Sleeve Maxi Dress Ideas To Makes You Look Casual

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We all have wardrobe staples. These are fail-safe pieces that we return to time and time again, grateful for their durability, quality and eternal style value. We all have a little black dress, ready to go to at a moment’s notice, whenever we feel that familiar panic of ‘I have nothing to wear!’ It isn’t, however, the only item that can come to the rescue. A black dress isn’t always a style that’s entirely appropriate; in the warmer months, or when we feel the need for something a little more feminine and romantic, a grecian style dress may just do the trick.

The Grecian dress is a category that actually has quite a wide variety of styles. Asymmetric, one-sleeved, strapless, long-sleeved, mini, midi and maxi; the options are endless. They all flatter different parts of the body; maxi dresses are famously flattering for taller girls, whereas mini lenths will lengthen the legs of those of us who are perhaps a little shorter. A cream or white chiffon dress will look stunning in the summer, whereas an aubergine or crimson shade is a fine choice for the colder times of year.

Grecian dresses can have a contemporary feel whilst simultaneously making a nod towards the ancient world, one beyond the reach of nostalgia or vintage sentiment. Back to a time we can only read about in the history books, it brings a mysticism to your wardrobe, an otherworldliness. You can have a lot of fun with this idea, particularly when it comes to beauty and accessories. Curl your hair loosely and pile in a messy bun, held together with a metallic hairband for an Aphrodite inspired effect. Or wear it down with some loose plaits for a relaxed, bohemian vibe. Go for bags and belts in gold, silver or bronze for a precious take on the trend, elevating you to style goddess status. Also, don’t forget the shoes. With grecian dresses it’s best to go for sandals, or if it’s cooler, some strappy heels. The gladiator trend looks to be coming back, with designers such as Anna Sui and Derek Lam sending them down the runways at Spring and Summer 2013’s New York Fashion Week. Fish yours out of the closet – remember, this was a trend back in 2007 so you probably have some somewhere. Dust them off and practice pairing them with various floaty chiffon dresses for a deliciously ethereal look.

With the Grecian Dress style, you can keep your look as minimal as you like, or pile on the accessories for an eccentric effect if you prefer. Classic jewelry with precious stones will look stunning against the pale background of the dresses, or alternatively, update the look with animal jewelry and skull designs, inspired by Pamela Love and her many imitators. Keeping the look simple will show off the elegant beauty of a Grecian style dress, whereas adding tons of bling will produce a luxurious, stylised ensemble. Either way, you will look incredible and positively otherworldly.


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