41 Stylish Workout Outfit Ideas Everybody Will Love

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Before beginning any workout routine it is very important to choose the appropriate workout gear. Workout gear needs to be comfortable during exercise that you’re performing. It is also important to purchase workout gear that is functional and not simply because it looks good on someone. Yes, it is common especially in women, to see a workout outfit on another female and purchase the same outfit based on how it looks on someone else.

You should check out workout attire that will meet your needs and comfort and to not let the color be the deciding factor. Although color and design are also pretty important when purchasing workout attire, they should not be the first indicator of a good piece of workout gear. I learned my lesson the hard way. I participated in a spinning class and wore a pair of running shorts instead of longer biking shorts. When I was instructed to “sprint” I had begun sprinting a really quick pace that I began to notice that my inner thigh began to rub against my bike seat. Needless to say after a long and grueling class, I came out full of sweat and a 2 inch welt on my inner thigh from where my skin had been rubbing against my seat.

The materials used in workout attire should be a major consideration. You want that brick that are able to move moisture away from your skin, allow for your skin to breathe and promote mobility. This is especially important if you do any high impact workout such as running or a kick boxing class. A very common material that is used in workout gear formulated to remove moisture from your body is called CoolMax. You can almost pinpoint the workout gear that is made with CoolMax when shopping because it will be one of the most expensive pieces in the store. CoolMax workout gear may seem pricey at the moment but in the long run you will discover that the extra expense is worth it.

Lastly when purchasing workout care you need to consider the shape, the cut and ultimately the style. This is when choosing appropriate workout gear is most important. For example it is not wise to wear long pants that are not tight throughout the leg all the way down to your ankle when bike riding. This is a safety precaution because pants that are loose especially around the calf and ankle area can get caught into the bike chain. Another said in my example earlier it’s not a good idea to wear short running shorts when taking a spinning class.

When purchasing workout attire make sure to not only try everything on a sort of test out in the dressing room as well. Bend over and make sure that your short or not so short that your panties or anything else should not be seen. Also squat in them, you should be able to crouch down without the bottom pulling down to expose the top part of your underwear or expose any part of your bottom. For shirts make sure that you can reach up without exposing your midsection. Also try bending to the side, again your midsection should not be showing and should allow for full flexibility


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