43 Fashionable Winter Wedding Proposals And Pretty Engagement Rings Ideas

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So you have decided to pop the question to that special someone and make them your bride. Engagement rings are a major investment so how are you going to choose the one that she loves while ensuring you can still afford the wedding? Follow these ideas to enjoy the proposal of her dreams.

What Size Is She?

As she will be wearing this for the rest of her life, you need to choose the right engagement ring.

You need to be very sneaky to keep your intentions secret so start by finding out what size ring she is by finding an old ring in her jewellery box or wrapping a piece of paper or an inexpensive ‘ring sizer’ round her finger while she’s asleep.

How Much Can You Afford?

Set your budget before you visit a store as you might get bamboozled by clever sales people into thinking you need to buy the most expensive ring in the shop to ‘prove’ your love. The rule of thumb is two months salary, but that was just created by the diamond industry, so go for what you can afford.

Don’t be afraid to shop around, there is no harm in getting the best price, just don’t tell the prospective bride! Engagement rings vary vastly from store to store or you can get a great deal online.

You may have to sacrifice the sparkle for the size or you could ask for a slightly less than the next carat to reduce costs.

What Style Will She Like?

These days it is common to propose without an engagement ring and then choose it together, although this can spoil the romance of the occasion. A better way may be to study the types of jewellery she wears from choice of metal to modern or traditional styles.

What Sort Of Diamond Should You Choose?

Again this is personal taste but you should at least get acquainted with the ‘four C’s’ of diamond engagement rings before you buy.

Colour – The purer the white the more expensive. They are graded from D (colourless) to Z (light yellow).

Cut – This is not the shape of the diamond rather the way the diamond is faceted to reflect light. A well cut diamond will reflect light directly back to the viewer’s eye giving more ‘sparkle’. Differences in cut are difficult for the novice to detect so you should look for certification to verify the cut.

Clarity – This is the level of imperfections that are present in the stone. Most couples will opt for the more available varieties something between SI2 and VS1.

Caret – This is the size of the stone, another personal choice, you could focus on a larger, less well cut stone or a smaller, more practical, beautifully cut piece.

There is also the consideration of ‘setting’, you could have a simple solitaire setting or perhaps extra side stones.

How Soon Can I Have It?

It is likely that you may have to wait a couple of weeks for the stone to be set or for engraving to be done, so don’t expect you can just walk out of the store with your new engagement ring.

Who Can I Ask For Ideas?

If you can trust them to keep quiet you could always ask a girlfriend of the the potential bride. Engagement proposals are a memorable moment and they can give you some great tips about how to make it just right (they have probably discussed it at length for years!)

If you put all these ideas into practice you can be sure that your engagement proposal will be a magical moment for you and your future bride. Engagement moments will be remembered forever by the beautiful ring on her finger


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