40 Fabulous Work Outfits Ideas To Use This Season

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As a career woman, I know how finding the right clothes for work is a challenge that every woman has to go through every workday. Men just put on a suit and they’re good to go; they only have to think about what color suits them better or what tie goes with their shirts. But for us women, we have to be careful about how we dress. We want to look attractive but professional at the same time. We have to show off our women confidence without coming on too strong or looking intimidating.

Combining being attractive, which means showing off your curves in a classy manner, and giving off an aura of professionalism, which means you have to be taken seriously and relied on to make competent decisions, is a difficult task. It seems that they’re on two opposite poles. When you want to look attractive, it means you want to look approachable and nice; but when you want to look like a professional, it means you want people to know you’re competent and that you mean business-which is sometimes akin to being intimidating.

Sp here now lies the problem of women in the workplace. We want to give off an attractive vibe to be able to meet someone special and enrich our personal lives. On the other hand, we also want to be treated as a professional to be able to succeed in our respective careers. And dressing the part is crucial to the success of both personal and professional lives. So, how do we combine these two in order to be able to succeed in the two most important aspects self empowerment?

Through communication coaching, I was able to learn the most important aspects of dressing for work. Here are some tips that I found very useful:

Be attractive by choosing the right color, texture and fit in your clothes. You can both be attractive and professional by choosing an outfit that fits you in the right places, but is neither vulgar nor too revealing. Make sure you choose an outfit appropriate for a given situation or event. For instance, if you’re attending an important meeting, stick to a neutral suit that has a nice fit, make sure your skirt is not too short, but not too long that it would hide your shapely calves.

Don’t hide your feminine side. be proud that you’re a woman and show that you’re comfortable with your body by wearing feminine accessories, like a nice and comfortable pair of heels with a tiny bow or a floral scarf to accent your suit. Avoid wearing suits that make you look masculine. Always go for a professional looking skirt over loose slacks.

And most important of all, you have to remember that whatever outfit you decide to wear, it has to fit your body in a way that is flattering. Let the fabric flow smoothly on your curves. The cut has to be comfortable in that it’s not too revealing that you keep adjusting your neckline or pulling down your skirt. Remember, you’re still there to work. So, work efficiently and show that you’re also an attractive woman


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