46 Delicate Mens Haircuts Ideas For

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Blowout haircuts are still very stylish and many personalities wear them; the styles have actually made a comeback and they are trending. Most men would rather stick with the traditional old school look but a good number love modern variations and some actually make a personal trademark using the blowout haircuts. There are so many ways of wearing blowout haircuts and you can come up with your very own unique style, but here are some ideas you can use to look amazing in a blowout cut.

1. To get a modern touch and look, try out a curly blow dry. This cut is done in such a way that the hair on the crown is left about three inches and then blow dried for some height before it is then rolled to the side. The sides are then trimmed to half an inch or lower using a pair of scissors.

2. Young men looking for a classy modern look can try classy waves. To get this right, the crown must be done correctly and finished with a fade on the sides. The longest part of the crown is wavy and swept slightly to the side. The sides and the back then get high fade to finish the classy wave blowout haircut.

3. Men looking for an easy hairdo can try the messy style which is typical shaggy hair that is styled to make it look distinct. The crown is left long and messy with creative trimming and the back and sides are done neat and short to finish the messy look.

4. The textured rollover is another great blowout haircut for men. The top part is trimmed with scissors to achieve height and a pleasant texture before the strands are blow dried and rolled to fall on the side. The sides then get a smooth taper to complete this cut.

5. If you are a man who loves attention and you want to turn heads everywhere you go, then the shears are what you should think about. A skilled barber can bring out perfection on your head by creating a short spiky cut on your crown and then neatly tapering the sides to finish off the bold stunning look.

6. Create a hard part line style to enhance your haircut. The hard part line is very common in blowout styles and it is especially down on the side. The hair top that is blow dried is then styled away from the hard part line and the sides get medium fade to enhance the modern hairstyle for men.

7. Another great style you can go for is the short and gelled look where the strands are cut short and uniform before they are gelled to achieve a curly appearance all over. This is among the simplest blowout hairdo you can choose and it is also very easy to maintain.

8. Men who have naturally curly or wavy strands can try push-back waves because they are easy to work with on the natural hair. Wavy locks that are about three inches or more are created on the crown and are then gelled and pushed back using a comb. If you have a full beard, then you should consider a disconnection by bald fading the back and sides of your hair.


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