42 Popular Blue Jeans Ideas For Moms That Look Cool

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When looking for a great fitting pair of blue jeans, petites have more to consider than the average- height woman. While the petite frame may vary greatly, the height of 5’4” or less typically has less selection and more variation between brands. When considering the choices for petite blue jeans, you’ll want to keep in mind these four clothing terms: Inseam, rise, size and style.

Inseam refers to the seam that binds the length of the inner pant leg. The distance from the bottom crotch to the lower ankle is the length it spans. The important point to make when discussing inseam in relation to petites is that there is no standard inseam when it comes to petite sizes. Because of this, petites more than others should have a good idea of how a particular brand fits their frame before purchasing. Blue jeans do have the ability to be hemmed, though. Therefore, if you happen to find an amazing fitted petite blue jean that just doesn’t fit your inseam hemming is an option!

Rise is where the jean hits you around the hips or waist. Some common rises include low-rise, mid-rise and jeans that hit at the waist. Since all petite frames are different, the rise that will look best on your frame will be an individual choice. It is unlikely, though, that the very popular low-rise jean will end up being a petite woman’s favorite fit. This is because a low-rise jean on a petite woman will often make legs appear shorter and hips appear larger.

Size shouldn’t deter a petite woman from purchasing a well-fitting blue jean. While sizing may be somewhat similar, it does differ between brands. For this reason, it’s very important to be open to trying on a variation of sizes before determining the best size for your frame in any particular brand. What is a size 6 in one brand may be a size 10 in another.

Style options have most recently expanded in petite sizes. It’s no longer a stretch to find a skinny-leg petite jean. While straight-leg jeans are almost always a great choice for petites, choices include wide-leg, tapered, and boot cut jeans. A rule-of-thumb for petites to remember when shopping for the best look is to stay clear of cuffs, bell-bottoms and embellishments. For a petite, these usually make legs appear too short and waists too large.


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