44 Cute White Wedding Decor Ideas

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Are you one of those women who simply adores pearls? If your vision of the perfect wedding involves lots of pearl bridal jewelry and a creamy white palette, the chances are that you are a pearl lover! The really great thing is that you can incorporate beautiful pearls into your wedding in many ways beyond pearl bridal jewelry. Take a look at these cute ways to decorate your wedding with pearls for inspiration.

Pearl bridal jewelry is so gracious and feminine that you may wish to add special pearl adornments to your wedding gown to enhance the effect of your jewelry. A very sweet and simple detail is to have pearl buttons running down the back of the wedding gown. The buttons can be either functional or simply decorative, and usually run from the top of the gown to either the waistline, the end of the zipper, or even all the way down the train. This is a feminine and delicate detail which will add beauty to the back of a simple wedding gown. It is generally a piece of cake for your seamstress to add pearl buttons during the alterations process.

Another decorative way in which to use pearls for a wedding is to dress up some of the accessories. If you plan to have a little shawl to throw on for an outdoor reception, choose a rectangular plain silk chiffon, organza, or shantung wrap in white or ivory and have a row of beads added along the two short ends. The beading will give the simple wrap more style, and it also adds a pleasing weight to the shawl. For more drama, have a border of teardrop pearls which dangle along the edge, or keep it more subtle with beads which are stitched flush with the edge of the fabric in a straight row.

The pearl theme is a lovely idea to carry through the rest of the wedding accessories. The straight pearl border looks fantastic outlining a ring bearer pillow. Another really cute idea is to select a ring bearer pillow with a diamond quilt pattern (all in white) and add a pearl at the corners of the diamond shapes. Pillows with floral patterns can also be beaded with seed pearls, which is a lovely way to dress up a basic store bought ring bearer pillow.

An unexpected place to include pearls in a wedding is on the invitations themselves. Why not set the tone for your wedding right away? Choose the tiniest pearls which you can find, and carefully handstitch a border of them on the invitations in perfectly straight lines. Or select a wedding invitation with a bow across the top and sew on a pearl bead in the center of the bow for a pretty detail. Embellished invitations are a bit more fragile than others, so be sure to have them hand cancelled at the post office rather than dropping them in a mailbox.

Pearl can also be added to the wedding flowers with gorgeous results. A traditional way in which to do so is to place a pearl tipped pin through the center of flowers in the bridal bouquet. This is always done with stephanotis, and works equally well for orchids, and any other type of flower with a flat center. One of the prettiest ways to use pearls in the wedding centerpieces is to fill the bottoms of clear vases with large faux pearls before filling with water and flowers. What a lovely alternative to pebbles or marbles to secure the stems of your blooms! The overall effect of so many luminous pearls throughout your wedding will be one of pure romance and grace.


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