42 Attractive Metallic Nail Designs Ideas

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Though nail polish as a beauty product has been around for a long time, the rapidly changing tastes of consumers and demands have compelled top nail polish brands to keep coming out with innovative shades and even designs. The introduction of metallic nail polish shades has been one such development that has been very well accepted by consumers. It has helped them move away from the traditional range to something more exciting as well as trendy.

The unique finish and look that they have been able to get out of metallic nail polish products has contributed to a lot of its success. Though it is very much a question of personal preference, the acceptance and move towards metallic shades by youngsters in particular was a very pronounced one.

Nail polish has always been available in a variety of finishes. The matte as well as the glittery ones have been the preferred ones for a long time and have acquired cult classic status. The matte finish in particular is ideal for those looking for a muted look that has an understated elegance and to date remains a very popular choice.

The glittery finishes provide that shimmer and shine when exposed to light and are ideal for those seeking some glamour quotient in their nail make up. It was therefore not surprising at all that metallic shades became popular pretty quickly and colours like gold, silver as well as bronze were readily picked up by them.

The nail polish that you wear does speak about you as a person to some extent. The colours that are available in the market are sufficient enough for you to find something that is suitable for you and you would be able to wear them on different days to reflect the mood for that day.

When you use green for instance, you would be indicating that you are an exciting personality. Dark shades are preferred by those who wish to add some mystery while the use of light shades indicates a gentler side to your personality. Navy blue and dark black shades are being used by many celebrities. You can do so as well taking care that the application is perfect as otherwise even a small blemish would be accentuated.

Metallic nail shades are in vogue today and ideal for evening occasions. They are totally different to the matte finish shades and silver as well as chrome along with graphite and bronze are the most popular currently preferred by youngsters.

It is of course necessary to ensure that you do not wear these metallic nail polish shades when you are working in a professional atmosphere, so spare them for after office fun. Thankfully, there are many high quality products available that would help you remove the polish and put on new shades in a trice to suit any occasion you desire.

So go ahead and buy that metallic nail polish shade of your preference to accentuate your style and update your look


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