49 Stylish Formal Men Work Outfit Ideas To Change Your Style

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Wearing the perfect outfit for an event is a protocol to anyone who’s asked to attend. Private or public social gatherings like weddings and inaugurations, for example, require their guests to wear special occasion dresses and suits that match the event’s theme. Whatever the spectacle calls for – formal, semi formal or casual – you should always come prepared mentally and physically. Though wearing the perfect attire takes a lot of thought, here are some tips that can hopefully help you on evading fashion crimes.

First of all, if you’re planning to go to a wedding, prom or gala, which is usually a black tie event, then it is best that you wear something formal; that is, unless the event calls on a different dress code. During these events, men ought to wear suits that best fit their physical structure while women are to wear demure gowns adorned with minimal jewelries.

In terms of men’s formal wear, you can never go wrong in wearing a stylish suit that compliments your body structure. For instance, if you are big in stature, it is best to wear a single-breasted, solid color suit (preferably in black, grey or navy blue) to look a bit slimmer in appearance. If you’re short, then wear a suit that has vertical elements, like a pinstriped suit or two-button jacket, to look taller. When it comes to accessories like a bowtie and cummerbund, a simple solid color would look great paired with a dark-colored suit. But if a fun and edgy style is more of your taste, then it’s not a bad idea to wear patterned and daring accessories in a formal gathering.

Women, on the other hand, are quite meticulous in looking for that perfect evening dress. But in the decision making, there are only two things you have to remember when shopping – shape and color.

A woman’s body does have various shapes; and not all dresses compliment these figures. For instance, if you have an hourglass figure, you can definitely knock-out a close fitting dress emphasizing your body perfectly. Styles that are parallel to a bias-cut or princess cut would also work well with this body type. Conversely, if you are a bit busty on top but narrow on the bottom, you can actually find clothes that can leave an impression of having a proportional body structure. You can either wear a dress that is dark in color, giving you a smaller shape at the top, or you can wear full skirts that can give you the appearance of having fuller hips.

If you already found the perfect dress that matches your body figure, then you can now look for the color that goes well with your skin tone. There are a lot of stores that sell particular special occasion dresses in various colors. So now you also have the option to choose what color best fits you. But if all else fails and you can’t make up your mind on what to wear, then you can never go wrong wearing your little black dress to your social event.


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