48 Lovely Winter Outfit Ideas Can Wear To Work

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Winter surprisingly is the best time for being fashionable. Nurse your winter blues with a riot of colours like magenta, turquoise, emerald green and ivory white.

No more gaudy greys, blacks and brown woolen threads dictate the season. It is time for festivity with more emphasis on fashion garments with equal regard to keep you warm.
Shawls and stoles for light winters, cardigans, scarfs for the conservative and denim winter jackets alternated with leather coats offer a wide range. Asian shawls offer variety in fabric like pure woolen, silk, variety in silk and the most coveted, astronomically priced Angora shawl.

Winter wear also extends to foot wear and other accessories. High boots with frayed woolen threads, impressive sport wear for mountaineering; regular wears with soft lining insulators are must haves for winters.

Thermals allow you to wear your trendy outfits. Maintenance is also easy for thermal wear with easy clean liquid soaps. Stoles are perfect over an evening wear. Matching scarves accentuate your face and brighten up a plain outfit. Scarves can be experimented with styles in draping around the neck, casually left around the shoulders or well tied below your chin. Hair too can be well protected with a scarf covering the forehead and tied at the nape.

The primary choice is the layer beneath the warm wear. Layers are in various forms like polyster, pure cottons, pique and polypropylene. The idea here is to add comfort as its works as your second skin. Outer exteriors come in various hues with the cherished angora, cashmere, PVC and the all time fleece jacket.


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