42 Elegant Winter Outfits Ideas For School

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While the back to school season may be the last thing on your mind since summer has just started, it’s never too early to start looking for ways to freshen up your wardrobe. Often the best deals on fall fashion can be found in the summer, so it’s worth keeping an eye out for those cool coats and stylish boots even when the mercury is rising. Here are some back to school ideas and tips on how to score the hottest styles for the upcoming school year.

Tips for building a terrific back to school wardrobe

  • Shop out of season: Even in the summer you’ll be able to find great clearance deals and sales for fall and winter, so always keep a lookout!
  • Scan for sales: Even if you don’t normally shop in a particular store, it’s worth stepping in if you see a sale sign. You may be pleasantly surprised at what you find. And there are tons of coupon codes even on the Internet, so keep an eye out for those!
  • Bring a friend: If you keep an open mind, your pals may spot something that you wouldn’t usually pick up for yourself. This is especially good if you’re looking to switch things up and revamp your wardrobe.
  • Pile it on: Clever layering will make summer clothes work for the fall and winter too! Vests, scarves, jackets and leggings can add warmth to tank tops, T-shirts and dresses.

Great back to school fashions for women

College is a great place to showcase your personal style, whether you’re into skater chic or preppy blazers. But as any girl can attest, even if you’re set in your fashion ways, it’s a drag to have to pull out that sweater you’ve had for the past three years at the start of the school year and try to get a fresh back to school look out of it. So what are some of the hottest back to school outfits for women for the fall 2010/11 season, and where can you get them?

Military Fashion

The military trend is really big at the moment, but don’t worry, it’s not all about fatigues and camouflage, as this season is really about subtle military touches. A great way to add an army flourish is with a military jacket, such as the Angel Kiss Military Jacket, which is available from Sears.

Another simple way to spice up your back to school style is with aviator sunglasses, so check out the great selection at AC Lens.


No longer just for the dance studio, you’ll now see leggings everywhere, in all seasons. They’re the perfect fall and winter accessory to get extra mileage out of your favorite leg-baring skirts and dresses, and some fashionistas have even taken to wearing leggings like pants. With tons of cute legging designs and styles now available, including denim, tie-dyed and capri, it’s easy to dress up your back to school clothing.

Start with something basic like the Allison Brittney Legging pair it with a colorful tunic (Kmart has a really cute selection) for both comfort and style.

Back to school styles for men

While guys often have an easier time deciding what to wear, it’s still helpful to keep a few back to school fashion essentials in mind to ensure you make a good impression in the back to school season (whether it’s on your professor or that cute classmate).

Even if you’re a casual jeans-and-t-shirt kind of dude, consider switching it up with a couple of more formal pieces, as they can not only be used for college but also for dates or job interviews.

Here are some ideas for both classic fall styles and the newer back to school trends for men for the fall 2010 season.

The striped shirt

The classic striped shirt is a really easy way to expand your back to school style, especially as you can find it at almost any store that sells menswear. Of course, it’s a perfect dressy look that you can use for any formal occasion when you add a tie and dress pants.

But it’s also very easy to incorporate into a more casual back to school outfit – simply wear it with jeans and with the sleeves rolled up if it’s a long-sleeved shirt, or leave it completely unbuttoned over a plain white T-shirt or ribbed tank. The fashion-forward male can also opt to wear the striped shirt with a matching vest for an avant-garde look.

Try the Attention Men’s Long Sleeve Striped & Embroidered Shirt from Kmart.com on for size – it’s a great shirt that perfectly navigates the line between preppy and casual.


Tweed is an awesome men’s fall fashion trend for 2010 as the average guy won’t have to worry about looking overly flashy when wearing tweed, plus it’s also a very functional fabric that’s durable and moisture resistant.

As with the striped shirt, you can wear tweed in a variety of ways – as a hat, like the Bailey of Hollywood Lord 25204 Black Tweed cap from Shoebuy.com, or as a jacket. As tweed is a warm fabric, it will also keep you toasty during the sometimes chilly back to school season.

For the more unconventional guy, these days tweed can also be found adding a hint of preppiness to sneakers and gloves. And anyone who’s looking for a way to update the popular plaid look of the past few years will find tweed to be a subtle, yet trendy change


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