43 Amazing Christmas Makeup Ideas

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Ask your average guy on the street and he could tell you little difference between lip balm and lip gloss, so you know he has no idea about the big deal about makeup. OK yeah, women look great with makeup on, but that’s about it. So you can only imagine what a challenge it would be choosing a memorable Christmas gift for the woman that is totally into makeup and refuses to leave home without it. Maybe more of the colorful face paint will make her happy? In that case, may I recommend makeup gift sets as a winning Holiday gift idea?

Makeup Lines

Let me guess. You know nothing about makeup lines to even know where to begin for shopping. No worries- some of the most popular brands you can find right now are:

  • Urban Decay
  • Stila
  • Nars
  • MAC
  • Smashbox
  • Bare Escentuals

If she’s really into makeup, don’t insult her by going for drugstore brands. Not that there’s anything wrong with Maybelline or Cover Girl, but do you think a gift that costs $5 at Target is really gonna go over well as a Christmas gift that expresses your undying love and adoration? Nope, didn’t think so either.

Professional Eyeshadow Palettes

If your nervous about picking a good color that matches her skin tone (because you know she’s into that sort of thing), take all of the guesswork out by going for a palette which features an assortment of colors and shades. You can typically find palettes featuring eyeshadows and lipsticks. Out of all of those colors, there are sure to be some that she will love!

Makeup Brushes

Experts say that makeup brushes can last and last for years, provided that they are of good quality and have been well taken care of. And there are more different kinds of brushes than you can even begin to believe! For these items, one size does not fit all. If she’s a serious makeup maven, then a set of new brushes might be a wonderful gift idea, especially ones that include a large variety to cover all of the different uses and application techniques.

Makeup Train Case

You may be well aware that she has enough makeup in her stash to outfit an entire women’s army. But does she have a nice, neat organizational system to easily carry and transport all of her items? If not, then here’s your opportunity for a great gift that she will actually use! Cosmetic train cases or makeup travel bags are perfect for storage and organization – just make sure that whichever one you purchase for her has enough space to accommodate her entire makeup collection


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